Mustang Mowers LLC

Your Local Bad Boy Dealer

Our continued changes to the showroom are geared for customers....

We are continuing to add products that will benefit the community of Oologah and surrounding areas.  We hope to see even more new customers this year.  

ECHO Products are here!!!  Well known and affordable.  Large variety of products in stock.  Full line of power equipment available, if its not here, we are happy to order it for you.  Gas and Battery powered.

Flatbed trailers  Ask about a Package deal if you need a trailer with your new Bad Boy Mower.  We have a couple of trailers on site.  However, we can quote any size and style you might need.

Maruyama Power Equipment also available.   Trimmers, Chainsaws, Pole Saws, and Blowers.  Light weight equipment made for Heavy workloads.  This line goes well with our Bad Boy Mowers!  5 year Consumer AND Commercial Warranty.  Anti Vibration technology on the trimmers makes weedeating a much more enjoyable task.

Storage Buildings:  Check out the display models.  Walk through and see what we offer for storage, Chicken Coops, Greenhouses, Carports, Garages and Play sets for the kids. New and Repo's available.

Pick up and Delivery service is available, if you are over 60 be sure to ask about Senior Discounts.

On May 23rd, 2016 we officially bought out Pa's Mower Shop on South Highway 169, just outside of Oologah, Oklahoma.  Bad Boy Mowers will remain our main line of Sales and Service but we are taking in other lawn mowers for service and repair.  In addition, we will work on generators, weedeaters, chainsaws and other small engines.

Trade-Ins may be accepted after an inspection by our mechanic, offers will be discussed at that time.  Or we may allow consignment sales for used mowers as an option for our customers.  Situations vary by customer.

Our showroom is constantly changing.  New products are added, more Bad Boy Accessories are available, more parts inventory than ever before.  We offer after hours appointments for customers who can't make it during our standard operating hours.  Our goal is to make it convenient and affordable for you!
                                          Thank you!